Nature Designs Jewelry

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I create unique nature theme jewelry pieces in Fine Silver from my own original designs. Some are quite realistic, while others are more artistic and stylized. I also create woodgrain-like pieces that I texture by hand so each is one of a kind. I design and create all jewelry myself, one piece at a time by hand, in my home studio. I primarily work with .999 Fine Silver, and I plan to branch out into bronze and copper as well.

I work with metal clay, a wonderful modern invention. It is finely-ground metal mixed with water and organic binder. Each piece requires many steps from start to finish. I impress each piece with stamps custom-made from my designs, and allow them to dry. Then I add holes, smooth the edges, and sign the back. At that point the metal clay pieces go into a special precision temperature kiln where the binder is burned away and the metal particles to bond together (“sinter”). This creates pieces that are just slightly less dense than cast metal, and allows me to create each piece exactly as I wish (the same image can be used on many sizes and shapes of pendant, for example). After firing, each piece is tumble polished for a good finish and added strength. After that, most pieces are oxidized and then hand polished to bring out the design. Some pieces may also receive a hand-hammered texture. Then I assemble the final jewelry piece, and it’s ready to go on to its new home and be enjoyed!

Many pieces are paired with a simple chain, leather cord, or earrings. Sometimes I combine them with natural stone beads or Swarovski crystals. If you see a silver piece that you like, but want paired with something different than what you see in my Etsy shop, feel free to use the ask a question feature on the item page, and I’ll see what I can do for you!

I first started working with metal clay because I wanted to make jewelry with my own horse designs. That idea sat in the back of my mind for many years while I did other work, wondering what would be the best way to make that happen. Eventually I decided to take a class to learn how to use metal clay to create jewelry components, and I chose that route. Then I decided to expand my offerings by adding other nature themes.

All items from a smoke-free, pet-free studio. Metal clay is eco-friendly in that it is made from recycled/reclaimed metals.


photo at top: handmade Fine Silver earrings with original ocean wave design