Natural Stone Jewelry

I create modern, simple jewelry that shows off naturally beautiful stones that come from the earth. I specialize in genuine Kingman Turquoise, other gemstone beads, and stones that have striking natural characteristics such as iridescence, pleochroism (color-shift), schiller, chatoyance, or other interesting features.

My genuine Turquoise jewelry features beads that I buy directly (usually in person) from the family-owned company that mines and processes (cuts, polishes, etc.) material from the Kingman deposit in Mineral Park Mine here in Arizona. Kingman Turquoise comes in an amazing variety, most of it having vibrant, deep turquoise to blue coloration. The Kingman Turquoise I use is stabilized (as nearly all turquoise is), but the colors are always natural, never dyed.

I have long been a fan of other semi-precious and precious gemstones, as well. Larimar, Blue Pietersite, Lapis Lazuli, Charoite, Tourmaline, Peridot, Aquamarine, Lepidolite, Garnet, Labradorite, Moonstone, Sunstone (both Oligoclase and genuine Oregon Sunstone), Kyanite, Spinel, Andalusite, and many other natural stones catch my eye and find their way into my shop. I try to avoid dyed stones, as well as stones that are irradiated to enhance color. (Certain stones may have been stabilized or coated for protection purposes only such as Turquoise, some Jaspers, and Emerald, or simply heat-treated to enhance color such as Red Tiger Eye and some Aquamarine.)

You can purchase my jewelry right here on my web site (powered by Zibbet), or if you prefer to use Etsy, my items are listed in my Etsy shop also.


photo at top: Larimar hand cut beads necklace