“Nature is the art of God”

– Dante Alighieri


This quote sums up the inspiration for my work. My goal is to capture a little beauty of God’s creation so you can enjoy it in a wearable form.

I’m a work-at-home mom with two sons. I have a Bachelor Degree in Economics (Minor in Art). I spent the first several decades of my life in the beautiful green Pacific Northwest, mainly Oregon, never more than an hour from the ocean, until moving to the sunny and ruggedly beautiful central highlands of Arizona in late 2012.

I have always been interested in horses, nature, and creating art. As a child, I was always drawing (mainly horses!), and trying different crafts. In high school and college, I studied many types of art making. I have experience with hand lettering (calligraphy), black and white photography including developing film and printing in the dark room, graphic design, pottery, and my favorites: painting and sculpting. I grew up in a rural area outside Astoria, Oregon, along the Columbia River. I was spoiled with fabulous views of sunsets over the river (when it wasn’t too cloudy!). For three summers, my mom and I were my dad’s deckhands on his 46-foot salmon troller in Southeast Alaska (not to be confused with trawling). There I was spoiled with even more of nature’s beauty, and developed a healthy respect for its raw power. As a child, I learned to groom and ride a friend’s pony, and as an adult, I have owned a few horses and grown passionate about the beautiful discipline of classical dressage. You will see influences of all these things in my nature theme jewelry. I also like rocks, so working with and learning about all kinds of gorgeous natural stones is a joy.

I also enjoy color digital photography, paper crafts and scrapbooking (digital and pocket style), walking the wonderful trails in our area, and of course spending time with my boys.


Contact Me

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photo at top: Pacific Ocean in winter at Ophir Wayside, Oregon Coast copyright Jennifer Kistler 2008