Aquamarine: March birthstone

March’s birthstone is Aquamarine. Aquamarine is the name of one color variety of the mineral Beryl. Beryl also includes the gemstones Emerald (green Beryl) and Morganite (pink Beryl), and is a stone with good hardness. Aquamarine, whose name means sea water, ranges from pale blue to blue-green and also yellow. It can be opaque with white areas, translucent, or transparent (clear blue). The internal structure sometimes causes schiller (a shimmery reflective effect), and Aquamarine can also occasionally exhibit a cat’s eye effect. Stones are left natural, or can be heat treated to bring out the blue color, and lesser-quality Aquamarine is sometimes dyed. Aquamarine is the Colorado state stone. High quality Aquamarine has been mined from Mt. Antero and other Rocky Mountain locations in Colorado, as well as other locations around the world.

I try to avoid dyed stone beads. Aquamarine pieces in my shop are usually made with natural or sometimes heat-treated beads. They range from sparkling faceted beads to raw rough-cut nuggets. Below are some Aquamarine pieces from my shop (I believe these are all untreated stone beads), designed and created by me with Sterling and Argentium Silver. Note that necklaces can be made in different lengths, and earring fasteners can be swapped out (leverbacks for earwires, or vice-versa). I take the time to photograph every piece of stone jewelry in my shop, so you get the exact piece shown.

necklace: a trio of smooth round translucent Aquamarine beads

necklace: raw rough cut Aquamarine beads

earrings: simple faceted Aquamarine rondelles on leverbacks

earrings: smooth round Aquamarine on simple yet elegant earwires