Amethyst: February birthstone

February’s birthstone is Amethyst. Amethyst is a form of Quartz that is naturally purple color. Amethyst is a widely-occurring mineral, and has long been prized for jewelry and other uses. Amethyst can range from light lavender or lavender-pink to deep violet purple. Amethyst can transition from clear to purple in a single crystal, or Citrine (pale yellow to brownish yellow Quartz) can occur in the same crystal which is then called Ametrine (Amethyst + Citrine). Amethyst can be transparent to nearly opaque. It can include white agate-like banding which often forms with angles, hence the name Chevron Amethyst. Amethyst is the state stone of South Carolina, which has in the past been the source of some excellent quality United States Amethyst specimens.

Sometimes a pale green Quartz is marketed as Green Amethyst, AKA Prasiolite. This is generally not a naturally-occurring Amethyst color. Amethyst or yellow Quartz from certain sources can be heat-treated to create Prasiolite, which is then sold as Green Amethyst (note that Prasiolite can fade in sunlight). Natural Prasiolite has been found in tiny deposits where Amethyst has been extremely heated by geological processes, but it is not a contributor to the gemstone market. Also, some Amethyst beads are color-enhanced (dyed). I try to avoid dyed stone beads.

My Amethyst pieces range from elegant faceted beads to classic round beads to irregular shape nuggets, and my work includes shaded Amethyst and banded Chevron Amethyst. Below are some pieces from my shop, all designed and created by me with Sterling and Argentium Silver. Note that chain dangle earrings can be shortened upon request (at no charge). I take the time to photograph every piece of stone jewelry in my shop, so you get the exact piece shown.

shaded Amethyst teardrop sterling silver handmade earrings

earrings: shaded faceted Amethyst teardrops on leverbacks

three faceted dark purple amethyst beads on earwires petite elegant earrings handmade sterling silver

earrings: trio of faceted dark Amethyst beads on earwires

handcrafted amethyst earrings long chain dangle drop faceted purple bead

earrings: long chain dangle with single faceted dark purple Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst round beads on simple earwires handmade sterling stone jewelry

earrings: Chevron Amethyst round beads on simple earwires

faceted deep purple Amethyst on wire bar necklace handmade sterling silver simple stone jewelry

necklace: seven faceted deep purple Amethyst on wire bar


irregular geometric Chevron Amethyst nuggets simple boho necklace

necklace: trio of irregular geometric Chevron Amethyst nuggets

irregular shape faceted geometric Amethyst bead single bead simple necklace purple stone violet stone

necklace: solo irregular shape faceted geometric Amethyst bead


See something you like, but want customized? Feel free to ask! Please contact me before purchasing so the price and/or information can be adjusted. (You can reach me using the email link under Stay Connected, below.) Allow extra time for custom or semi-custom orders. Some orders will require a down payment to begin work.



disclaimer: Stone information provided is based on my own simple research. I am not a gemologist.