New Year’s Eve hike

Happy New Year! I wanted to share a few photos of my New Year’s Eve hike with my sons. I realized we’ve happened to do a hike on New Year’s Eve several times since we moved here, and I think it would make a great official tradition. This one was in the Willow Dells (granite rock formations) at Willow Lake here in Prescott, Arizona.

The weather was mild and the air smelled wonderfully fresh. At certain places down between the taller rocks it was so completely quiet. From the tops of the rocks we had nice views. Much of this trail consists of painted dots leading up and over the rocks, so it is challenging, but worth it. We took our time and enjoyed what was around us. It was valuable time spent together.

a pretty spot along an easier part of the trail

our shadows on the rocks from the hazy sunlight look like petroglyphs

view across part of Willow Lake (Granite Mountain in the background)

ducks and mudhens feeding in the afternoon sunlight