Garnet: January birthstone

January’s birthstone is Garnet. Garnet comes in a variety of colors, dark red being the most familiar. Garnet is a group of related minerals. Red Garnets are usually Almandine with a deep wine magenta-red hue, or Rhodolite, which is typically lighter magenta-red (could be considered dark pink). Another red Garnet variety is Pyrope, which can be more deep orange-red. Spessartine ranges from a warm red to orange to amber yellow. Hessonite is burnt-orange to reddish-brown. Grossular Garnet, AKA Grossularite, is mostly known for its green color, but technically comes in other colors as well. Tsavorite is a specific type of Grossular Garnet that is an intense Emerald-like green. Garnet can form as crystals or in massive form. Rarely, Pyrope or Almandine Garnet forms in a very dark opaque burgundy red or purple with a star effect (asterism) caused by inclusions. This is called Star Garnet, which is the Idaho state stone. Garnet is a fairly hard gemstone, but can be brittle and chip easily on cut edges. So take care with Garnet rings and bracelets especially, and store/transport all Garnet jewelry with the stones wrapped for protection or separated from other gemstones.

Most Garnet that is made into beads is lesser-quality Garnet that is dyed (typically the magenta-red color), and some may not even be colorfast. I try to avoid dyed stone beads. Garnet pieces in my shop are usually made with natural color Pyrope Garnet, or natural Almandine and sometimes Rhodolite. I also occasionally work with the other varieties.

My Garnet pieces range from sparkling faceted beads to raw rough-cut nuggets. Below are some Garnet pieces from my shop, all designed and created by me with Sterling and Argentium Silver. Note that chain dangle earrings can be shortened upon request (at no charge). I take the time to photograph every piece of stone jewelry in my shop, so you get the exact piece shown.

Garnet earrings

earrings: single faceted Garnet bead on chain drop


long garnet earrings small petite faceted beads

earrings: trio of small faceted Garnet beads on chain drop


faceted garnet leverback earrings

earrings: trio of faceted Garnet beads on leverbacks


beaded garnet necklace small faceted beads layering necklace

necklace: 5 inches of petite faceted Garnet beads


raw rough cut garnet necklace

necklace: five raw rough cut Garnet small nuggets on wire bar


simple natural garnet necklace handmade sterling silver

necklace: three raw rough cut Garnet nuggets on wire bar


See something you like, but want customized? Feel free to ask! Please contact me before purchasing so the price and/or information can be adjusted. (You can reach me using the email link under Stay Connected, below.) Allow extra time for custom or semi-custom orders. Some orders will require a down payment to begin work.



disclaimer: Stone information provided is based on my own simple research. I am not a gemologist.